Sports Timing & Specialist Clocks

Sports Timing

SEIKO has a long history of experience timing some of the world's major sporting events. Numerous Olympic Games, and every IAAF World Championship since 1987 have relied on SEIKO's expertise.

In the below PDF download, you can see the extensive range of Sports Timing Equipment available to you or your organisation.


Information on SEIKO Sports Timing System clocks and timing configurations
Sport Timing Equipment (4009KB)


The world over, people have come to rely on SEIKO for their expert timing, and now we are happy to extend the Landmark and Specialist clock range to Australia.

In the attached PDF you can download and view models available.


Information regarding SEIKO's range of landmark and outdoor specialist clocks.

Specialist Clocks  (2380KB) 

For more information regarding Sports Timing Equipment and Landmark & Specialist Clocks please contact (02) 9805 4692 or email